10 Top Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is a powerful tool for both businesses and bloggers alike. You may wonder how to harness its global reach in the most manageable and effective ways. Many companies make the mistake of using only one or two Twitter tools to try to stay ahead of the game. In this blog post, we share 10 tools that you can use on Twitter to help grow your business!

1 – Twitter Analytics Dashboard

The Twitter Analytics Dashboard is available to all Twitter accounts free of charge. You can access it to see how many impressions and interactions your tweets receive.

2 – Twitter Counters

The Twitter Counter extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari provides basic insights and charts in areas like Follower count and Tweets. It has a sorting option for hourly or monthly reporting. It also automatically generates real-time data and content for your followers using this tool.

3 – HootSuite

HootSuite is an excellent tool for keeping track of your social media activity. It’s a platform people use to publish all social media accounts including Twitter tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn updates on a daily basis. There is both a free and paid version available. Both versions enable you to reduce links (ow.ly), schedule postings, sort lists into categories, and more.

HootSuite also has a team function that allows groups of people to keep track of what is set up to go out and what has been viewed.

4 – Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a dashboard management program that allows users to arrange their Twitter and other social media profiles into simpler-to-understand columns, much like Hootsuite. It’s a product of Twitter, not a third-party company. The ability to organise your Twitter audience into groups is one of its most significant advantages.

5 – Buffer

For users that frequently tweet in short bursts, Buffer is one of the most effective Twitter tools available. You could be missing out on valuable followers if you send out a quick stream of tweets. Distributed postings throughout the day are more likely to convert, and Buffer allows you to schedule your messages to post at the optimum time of day. A well-balanced schedule has been shown to grow an account but using a tool like this means your workflow can remain condensed.

6 – SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a Twitter utility that provides a long list of services, including auto-following. It also allows you to build a handful of automated response messages for those who follow you. It will choose a reply from your group of replies at random, giving things a little more human touch. Finally, it enables you to set up tweets at a future time and date.

7 – Circleboom

Circleboom is one of the most comprehensive Twitter management tools available. This program provides all of the capabilities necessary to manage your Twitter followers, identify inactive Twitter accounts, retract tweets you’ve retweeted, and more. It even gives you the ability to find and delete annoying/most talkative Twitter followers.

8 – Social Pilot

The free version of Social Pilot is a versatile tool that you can use right away. It makes tweeting simple and allows for scheduling tweets, especially for individuals who want to write all of their tweets at once but don’t want to post them immediately.

9 – TweetStats

Keeping track of your Twitter usage is an excellent approach to notice social media tendencies. TweetStats is a free and simple tool for tracking your tweets by hour, month, and tweet timeline.

10 – WordPress Plugins

The Official WP plugin for Twitter includes embedded tweets, embedded Twitter video, Twitter cards, analytics, and ad conversion tracking.

This plugin, when you execute an update on your WordPress blog or share a link, automatically refreshes Twitter and includes URL shortening. It also shows recent tweets as a widget, an easy tool to show social media feeds on your website. Customisable, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly Twitter feeds may be displayed on your website.

You should use the meta tags to add Twitter Cards to your WordPress content based on your preferences. To Twitter, you may tweet automatically from your website or blog. You can use a simple text message or an image to communicate with others via Twitter. 

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