5 Reasons to Start a Garden

Gardening has many benefits. It is a simple way to get in touch with nature and it’s also a fulfilling activity for people of all ages. Starting a new garden can be a wonderful project for a group of friends, family or someone on their own. Gardening can be therapeutic, educational, and healthy for all!

There are many different types of gardens you can plant such as herb or vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and even fruit trees. You can start your garden in containers, or in raised beds. Whatever works best for your situation is what will keep your garden happy.

If you don’t have much space, you could look into container gardening or even square foot gardening. Both options teach you the best way to maximise the limited amount of space you have. You can grow almost anything in containers, and the whole family can help you create your successful garden.

The reasons to start a garden are plentiful, and the benefits are clear. What are you waiting for?

Eat Better

When you’re gardening, you know what you’re putting into your garden. There can be many health concerns with buying chemical use in the production of food sold in stores. Aside from possible chemical use, fresh vegetables are higher in nutrients than when those shipped long distances.

You have more control over your food source. When eating vegetables from a grocery store, it’s hard to tell how long that vegetable has been sitting there, whereas when you have grown your own, you can eat seasonal produce that’s freshly harvested.

There is an abundance of easy-to-grow vegetables, ideal for beginners, such as varieties of tomatoes, runner beans and cucumbers. You don’t even have to be an expert to get started! 

Save Money

The cost of vegetables, especially organic produce, continues to go up. Growing your own can reduce your grocery bill for the long term. You can buy a whole pack of seeds that can produce a year’s supply of every vegetable for the same price it would cost for one week’s worth.

Just like most tasks, you need supplies to get started. The money you spend on your garden is an investment. The outcome costs you less than buying vegetables at the store, you have them right there at hand and they taste better.


Starting a garden is a perfect way to get time to yourself. Gardening has been proven to be therapeutic, it can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and even help improve attention span.

Not only does gardening include physical therapy, it’s also great for your mental health. A garden offers beauty and tranquility. The results of gardening can also be a greater sense of mental wellbeing and peacefulness. Add to that the sense of achievement you get from enjoying what you grow from seed!

Goal Setting

Gardening makes it easy to set small milestones that are simple to hit. Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors and guide your focus. Goals provide direction and can give a sense of personal satisfaction. The act of setting goals adds a sense of purpose to your life. Your mind will naturally rise to the occasion to meet each goal you set.

By striving toward a specific endpoint, you have a focus that can improve your productivity and mental clarity. This may be especially useful for those who lack focus in their lives.

Many people set goals in order to build upon their self-esteem and self-confidence level. Growing your confidence is a great way to improve your emotional well-being, and setting small milestones that you can check off as you accomplish them will increase your confidence.

Helping the Bees

Bees are one of the most important animal pollinators in nature. Bees visit gardens to collect nectar and pollen as food for themselves. Not only will the garden benefit the bees, but the bees, as well as other pollinators like wasps and butterflies, will benefit your garden in return. Pollination is critical for plants to reproduce and produce seeds.

Pollen is necessary for the growth of fruits, vegetables, and seeds because it contains the plant’s reproductive cells that allow fertilisation to occur. If you are a gardener who wants healthy crops, pollinators are essential because they will increase fruit and vegetable production by cross-pollinating different varieties. When bees get the nutrients they need, your garden will have more flowers and plants. It’s a win-win situation.

The reasons to start a garden are plentiful. Gardening can be therapeutic, improve mental and physical wellbeing, improve the environment for everyone and, of course, provide beautiful flowers and delicious foods to be proud of!

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