5 Ways to Refine Your Wardrobe

Have you ever noticed how Mark Zuckerberg wears the same grey t-shirt and jeans every time you see him? Another question: have you ever found yourself standing in front of your wardrobe, staring at the rows of clothes in something of an overwhelmed daze? I certainly have. “Decision fatigue“, as it’s known, is a term that references the often overwhelming effect daily decisions can have on our already overworked minds; it is the emotional and mental strain resulting from too many choices. 

While having choices can be freeing, an abundance of them can be immense, causing more stress than they deserve to. For someone who feels their time is used more valuably elsewhere, the way to tackle this situation can be to remove options when it comes to relatively unimportant decisions; enter, Zuckerberg’s grey tees!

The theory applies to all of us and while we may not want to resort to wearing an identical outfit every day, there are ways we can fine-tune our wardrobe to retain our personal style with a variety of looks while minimising the possibility of decision fatigue.

Pick a Colour Palette

Picking a core palette of colours immediately removes the problem of wondering whether “this” will go with “that”. Typically, these would be three colours that work together. They can be warm or cool tones, the key is that you can mix and match these without effort. Black, white and grey, or brown, ivory and blush are examples. If this is too restrictive, extend it to five colours, always sticking to the theory that they must all work together. 

Add Colourful or Bold Touches

A capsule wardrobe consisting of three colours may sound rather dull but adding splashes of colour and interest can be easily done with bright accessories. This is the fun part! Pick a bright, bold or contrasting tone that you know will work with your entire palette. Select accessories in this colour, such as shoes and bags, scarves, jewellery, makeup etc. Do this with two or three signature colours. Remember not to pick too many different colours here though as this could create indecision.

Pick Multiples

If you find an item you love wearing, consider buying it in more than one of your palette’s colours. Having core options that feel good to wear is a no-brainer!

Declutter Often

Make a point of decluttering regularly; every three or six months works well as it keeps your wardrobe space under control. If your size or taste has changed, be realistic about what to keep. We’re probably all guilty of hanging on to pieces because we loved them once, they might fit one day or they were expensive, but if we don’t wear them, they are taking up space unnecessarily.

You can donate worn items with plenty of wear left in them to charity. As for new or barely worn pieces, or classic items, try listing them on one of the many clothing sales sites to recoup a little of what you spent on them. Use Vinted, Depop or eBay, or use Vestiate Collective for your unwanted designer pieces.

Organise the Space

A well-organised wardrobe should be a pleasure to use. Keep your most used items in the most accessible area. Pack away your winter clothes as summer hits, so you only keep before you what you are going to need; you can swap these as the weather cools. This process also offers the perfect opportunity to declutter.

Fold and stack thicker items like jeans and jumpers. Organise by style or colour, whichever works best for you. Roll up smaller items and keep them in categorised storage boxes or drawers, such as “sportswear” (leggings, shorts, vests etc), or “scarves and belts”. 

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