7 Ways to Get Healthier Hair

Here are a few tips to keep your crowning glory looking its best!

Shampoo as Often as YOU Need To

Perhaps your friend argues that daily washes are vital for healthy hair whereas a colleague argues less frequent shampooing is best. On a personal note, I find that if I wash my wavy, thick hair daily, it gets greasier quickly. Furthermore, it means I subject my hair to more heat and products. What works for one person may not work for the next. Consider the needs of the type of hair YOU have and go from there.

Limit the Use of Heat

Applying heat and using styling appliances put stress on your hair. When doing this, use the correct tools for the job and apply heat defence products and nourishing treatments as required. It’s worth giving your hair a break from all that by allowing it to air dry every few washes.

Choose Products with Care

There are a wealth of products for all kinds of hair out there. Take time to consider what kind of hair you have now, especially as hair thickness and texture can change. What worked for the sleek, highlighted bob you had in college may not be suitable on the natural curls you have now. 

Think about it. We may change styles, lengths and colours often; sometimes we expose our hair to the elements more than other times, such as holidays at the beach; not to mention how our hair texture alters naturally. Whatever the situation, if your hair has changed, the products you buy for it may need to as well.

Don’t Forget Your Scalp

It goes without saying that the health of your scalp will affect the quality of your hair and yet, beyond using anti-dandruff shampoos, the scalp is often neglected. Fear not as these days, you’ll see scalp scrubs, scalp detoxes, scalp serums and more on the shelves! If you do suffer with scalp issues  – or indeed problems with your hair that you have not been able to resolve – these products are worth a look.

Have Regular Trims

This is possibly the simplest way to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. The tips of the hair, as the oldest part, have been exposed to the most damage and are weakened, what with the use of heated appliances, sunlight, chemicals and all that brushing.  Regular trims ensure the damaged parts are removed, helping to maintain the entire structure and giving individual hairs a thicker appearance. Regular trims also keep your style intact, which aids quicker styling at home and probably the need for less heat.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Hair strands are weaker when wet and brushing can stretch and snap them. Instead, give your hair a good brush while it’s dry, before you wash it. This will remove loose hairs (that, let’s be honest, would otherwise end up in the plughole), loosen up dirt and debris on the scalp, and make it easier to apply scalp products, shampoo and conditioner more thoroughly.

Don’t Forget to Pamper Your Hair

Take time out to use a deep treatment mask occasionally. Masks give a deeper conditioning treatment for hair and are a simple addition to your routine. There’s a huge range out there so ensure you pick one with ingredients that suit your hair’s current needs. Follow the instructions as given as to frequency of use as some masks should be applied less often than others. Most simply need to be applied after shampooing and left for a few minutes, a welcome opportunity to lay back and relax.

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